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Dear all,

I am simulating a building (LEED NC v2.2) in a campus with centralized cooling / heating system.
As according to "Treatment of district or campus thermal energy in LEED v2 & LEED 2009", a virtual plant with default efficiency can be used.
There are few questions regarding the COP as well as the thermal loss:

a) The COP of cooling plant shall be 4.4 including cooling towers and primary pumps.

Does it mean that chillers, cooling towers as well as primary pumps shall be sized with COP 4.4? how can we enter the pump and cooling tower efficiency with COP4.4?

Or we just only need to input COP 4.4 for chillers while the others can use the rated efficiency in our design?

b) How can we input the thermal distribution losses?

What I suppose is that, Q=mcdT, so if there are 5% thermal loss, the dT loss shall also be 5%.

Does it mean to enter 5% of design dT in the "supply loss dT" column?

Or make it simple, just multiplying 5% to the energy consumption by space cooling is already sufficient?

Thanks all.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Mak

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Interesting questions, unfortunately not answered!


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