Calculation of Average efficiency in case of central chiller plant serving to both phase of building

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Our working project has One (1) central chiller plant (4 nos. of chiller +
4 nos. primary & secondary pump + 4 Cooling Tower) which is serving to the
both phase 1 & phase 2 area?whereas currently we are working on the phase2

Hence our question is-*What capacity & efficiency to be consider for
modelling phase2 chillers, pump & cooling tower in E-quest?*

As per the USGBC guidelines for the *treatment of district cooling*, we
need to calculate average efficiency. So can anyone guide us on *how to
calculate the average efficiency? *

However the same guidelines suggest to consider the *default efficiencies*
in case of unavailability of average says COP of 4.4 for the
total cooling plant average efficiency (including cooling towers & primary
pumps).*Can anyone guide us on how to take it (default efficiency) into
account for all the system while modelling in Equest?*



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Dear Vishal,

There is a methodology in *Appendix C* for calculation of average
efficiency for Proposed Case for option 2 of "Treatment of district or
campus thermal energy in LEED v2 and LEED 2009- Design & Construction"
document.. Appendix C describes two methods for virtual plant average
efficiencies a). Monitoring b) Modelling.

To avoid complexity in modeling and if you are not seeking more than 10 or
12 points as per project type, you can also go for Option 1 which does not
require to model any plant side system (Chilled water meter is sufficient).

Hope this helps :)


Mayank Bhatnagar
Sr. Energy Analyst,
Environmental Design Solutions Pvt Ltd.
New Delhi.
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