Apartment building with DOAS

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I've modeled an apartment building in eQuest, with DOAS, with energy recovery. I've included the .inp and .pd2 files, and a Microsoft Word document with screenshots and questions. I set the location to Montana.

The apartment building has no cooling. There is boiler-fed baseboard heat in each apartment suite. 100% outdoor air supplied to all corridors 24/7/365 which is how the suites receive fresh air ventilation. Enough fresh air is supplied to the corridors such that the pressure is higher in the corridors than the suites, allowing the air to pass around the edges of each suite door into the suites. (There is no supply air ducted into the suites.)

The questions are more easily considered by opening the .doc Word file. The Word file walks you through the setup I used, with many screenshots.

Thanks to anyone who is able to answer some questions. This might be too many questions so if there is a moderator for this list, feel free to let me know and delete this post.

The following questions are in the .doc file attached:

Wizard setup questions:
I?m not sure if choosing ?HW Baseboards (only) with NO zone ventilation? is correct in the wizard?
What impact does this building operation schedule have?
What impact does HW Plant Equipment operation schedule have?

Is there a way to show how much outdoor air is entering a zone in Hourly Reports?
Why did fan electricity consumption decrease after I added exhaust?
Is the 45% gas energy savings realistic after adding ERV?

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