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I am using eQuest 3.63 and my project is in Pakistan, where weather condition is like heating required only for 3 month Dec, Jan and Feb, In remaining month we needs cooling.

Now problem is by using equest i am not able to switch off cooling in these three month's and heating in remaining month's due to Fan schedule.

I am using below schedules and my system is variable air volume VAV system with cooling set points for week days is 75F and on weekend/No cooling is 82, for heating is 72F in weekdays and 10F on weekends.

Please see below snapshots.

Cooling Schedule:

2 (month)-28(day) - No cooling

10 (month)-31(day) - cooling

12 (month)-31(day) - cooling

Heating Schedule:

2 (month)-28(day) - Heating

10 (month)-31(day) - No Heating

12 (month)-31(day) - Heating

Fan Schedule:

12 (month)-31(day) - On

When i switch off fan in Dec to Feb to switch off cooling in these three month's than heating also goes off.

I need to have heating output in these three month but not cooling how i can do this ?

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