7175 Version Crashing on Water-Side HVAC Tab

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Hi All,

I'm having an issue and I'm wondering if anyone has had this, or if there
are any fixes. I have a model that used furnaces and DX that I was
converting to 4-pipe, and it crashes when I add system in the water side
HVAC tab, and also crashes if I add systems in text editor, and click on
the tab when I open it. I'm working in the 7175 version and DOE 2.3,
because I eventually want to make a VRF version of the model.

Let me know, thanks!


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I haven?t run into that one yet (posting your project may help others to replicate/troubleshoot), but I might suggest some stepsthat made the ?re-definition? of new hydronic air-side systems ?smoother? in prior version of doe2.

Start in the water-side tab. Right click the ?project? line at the top of the component tree, and create all of the circ loops you?ll be prompted for (in setting up a new airside system) first.
For your 4-pipe systems, that?ll include at least one CHW circ loop and one hot water circ loop. You shouldn?t need to define any boilers/chillers at this stage.
[cid:image003.png at 01D55CE8.E2332B70]

Then, before ?converting? any airside systems to 4-pipe, navigate (in your airside tab) to create a new system from scratch, of type FC. Move to the new systems? ?cooling? tab to set your user default for CHW-LOOP (for this system type) to the new CHW loop you?ve defined. Do the same over on the heating tab.
[cid:image004.png at 01D55CE8.E2332B70]
[cid:image005.png at 01D55CE8.E2332B70]

The last thing I can think of (try this for your first system) would be to switch your ?furnace? inputs for heating to hot water, before converting to the FC system type (if that?s a contextual possibility). In any case, if the above measures do not improve your crash state issue, it will at least save you some steps in system conversion/creation down the line once you?ve resolved whatever is causing the crash.

After you do successfully convert your first system, and before you simulate, you?ll want to delete the ?starter? FC system used to define the defaults, and you?ll also want to set up some primary equipment on those loops.

If none of those steps help? perhaps you?ll want to try jumping into the INP to remove EVERYTHING with regard to existing hydronic stuff, then re-create from scratch if that allows you to initialize without errors.

I hope this proves somewhat helpful!


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