EEM Shows Identical Results

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I am trying to use the EEM wizard to compare changes to the wall insulation
roof insulation, and window glazings to the ASHRAE 90.1 baseline model, but
after setting everything up in the EEM wizard the results all look
identical. This should not be the case since the changes I am making are
quite significant, such as changing from R-18 to R-42 in the roof. It
appears that the EEM runs aren't holding my settings because when I went
back to check the changed measures they were all the same as the baseline
except for the window glazing, which was the only one to show a small change
in results. I then try to create my own comparison results by changing the
baseline and saving the results to an excel sheet. This showed more changes
than the EEM results, which showed virtually none, but still not what I
would expect for such large changes in the R-value. Any ideas? Thanks

Cory Duggin, EI

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