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Has anyone used EE4 before? It's a Canadian compliance software

I've modeled a Combination Ground Source Heat Pump and Parallel boiler,
but the program requires that "the heating airflow temperature must
always be lower than the cooling airflow temperature." Of course, with
my heating setpoint at 60F, and my cooling at 65F, I've got hundreds of
unmet hours. I've put the zone heating capacities at unrealistically
high values to try to make up the heat, but that's not working either.

Has anyone encountered this problem before, or know why this constraint
is in place?

Thank you,


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Sounds like you're using a fan coils with a make-up air unit. The heating and cooling setpoints entered at the system level is for tempering the make-up air only.

The reason for the unmet hours is likely that your terminal airflow is not large enough. The air will only be heated to a maximum supply temperature (43?C?) so you can't get the output unless terminal airflow is also increased.


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