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I want to make the external lighting schedule so that there is a little bit
smaller loads in april and october then the rest of the months. I see the
monthly profiles on the External lighting screen in Design Wizard, but how
do I go about editing those monthly profiles...if that's what I should do.
Nathan Murray

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The only way I know to edit such schedules is to change the mode to Detailed Edit, then make the schedule changes.

If you try to go back to the Wizard mode, those changes will be deleted.

John Aulbach

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I had limited success in editing the Wizard schedules by adjusting the max and min thresholds on the vertical axis and the start and end hours along the top axis. My understanding is that eQuest generates those schedules based on the building type definition at the beginning of the shell wizard. I had many headaches trying to edit the schedule after I realized I selected the wrong building type, especially when dealing with multiple shells. I inevitably end up using John's approach once in the detailed mode.

When people are creating models for LEED, do you use the schedules found in the back of the 90.1 User's Manual, or do you create your own schedules? How has the USGBC reviewed this issue since according to App G, schedule creation is up to the designer and the "rating authority"? It would seem to me that the USGBC wouldn't care as long as you use schedules that are reasonable for the building type and anticipated operation, and that the reference building uses the same ones (unless daylight controls or demand controlled ventilation is being dealt with through schedules and not simulation software directly).

Any thoughts?

Luka Matutinovic

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With regard to exterior lighting, It occurred to me today that eQuest currently has the capability to determine the operating hours of interior lights based on an amount of daylight, specific to the hours of daylight occurring during the year for a given location, using the daylighting functions...

How much of a stretch/challenge would it be to accurately determine how often photocell-controlled exterior lights are operating through the year based on available daylight outside of the building??

It might be an awesome feature to consider for future wizards: where one simply defines the exterior lighting wattage, and could additionally designates realistic timeclock/photocell controls, such as "on when it turns dark and off after 2AM."


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You mean something like this (from the new features help file)...


Accepts a code-word specifying whether the hourly value in the
referenced DAY-SCHEDULE can be overridden either ON (value = 1.0) or OFF
( value = 0.0) according to whether it is day or night.

DAY-OFF Forces the hourly schedule value to be 0.0
whenever the sun is up.

DAY-ON Forces the hourly schedule value to be 1.0
whenever the sun is up.

NIGHT-OFF Forces the hourly schedule value to be 0.0
whenver the sun is down.

NIGHT-ON Forces the hourly schedule value to be 1.0
whenever the sun is down.

For example, assume lighting in a parking lot is to be on from dusk
until 11 p.m. The earliest the lights are allowed to illuminate is 4
p.m., but will not actually start until the sun is down:

"Parking Lot DSch" = DAY-SCHEDULE-PD
VALUES = ( 0., 0., 0., 0., 0., 0.,
0., 0., 0., 0., 0., 0.,
0., 0., 0., 1., 1., 1.,
1., 1., 1., 1., 1., 0. )

"Parking Lot WSch" = WEEK-SCHEDULE-PD
DAY-SCHEDULES = ("Parking Lot DSch")

"Parking Lot Sch" = SCHEDULE-PD
MONTH = (12)
DAY = (31)
WEEK-SCHEDULES = ("Parking Lot WSch")

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