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Hi Team,

Hope everything is going well there. I am working in a project, in which the
evaporative coolers are taking air from the earth air tunnel outlet. I just
want to know how we can model the impact of Earth Air Tunnel in eQuest.

Any help would be appreciated!!



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Hi Kamalesh,
There is no direct way to model earth air tunnels in eQUEST/DOE-2. I think the best you can do is to use some other method to estimate the impact on outside air properties and then try modeling it with an equivalent preconditioner combination such as a Ground Loop Heat Exchanger with the evaporative cooler.
I have about thirty reference documents on earth tube design that I gathered (29 MB) if you are serious about it.

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It's worth checking E+ which has an inbuilt capability of modeling earth
air tunnel. Here you find a link to read more about this.

Hope this helps!!

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