DX Coil (Heat Pump) Errors

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I am having a problem running the "Compliance Analysis" on a building where I have defined the HVAC as such:

Cooling Source: DX Coils
Heating Source: DX Coils (Heat Pump)
Heat Pump Source: Water Loop
System Type: Water-Source Heat Pump (simplified singgle zone)

The analysis terminates with the following: "Error(s) encountered Evaluating BudgetConversion Rulelist..."

The "Rules Evaluation Error List" contains multiple entries of each of the following:

Data Retrieval from BDL failed evaluating rule: Set flag if parent prop system has HEAT-SOURCE

Local() error ZONE:rvPropSysHasCentralHtgCoil intermediate values not found. evaluating rule: Transfer HEAT-SET-T to zone

By simply changing the "Heating Source" to Electric Resistance, the Analysis runs without any errors.

Any and all suggestions as to how to fix this problem will be appreciated.

Awaiting a response.


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