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Dear Experts,

I start with Design Builder (I have used TRNSYS earlier). I am going to
simulate multifamily residential building with about 170 apartments. I will
simulate for HQE certificate: thermal comfort in summer, energy consumption
and natural lighting.

1) Could you write me which way to create model from *.dwg file will be the
easiest and the cheapest if I don't have SketchUp Pro?
2) From which model it will be better to start: general for energy
calculation (zones are spaces with the same temperature) or more detailed
for comfort calculation (bedrooms, living rooms separated)?

I would be grateful for any advices!

Kind regards,
Karol Bandurski
Faculty of Civil and Environemntal Engeneering
Division of Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Protection
Poznan University of Technology
www.put.poznan.pl/~karol. bandurski

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Mr. Bandurski,
DesignBuilder (DB) can import .DXF file and .GBXML files. It can also scale
.PDF files - you have several options for importing geometry information.
EnergyPlus (used by DesignBuilder) is not particularly suited for comfort
calculations; it's intended primarily for energy calculations. DB does,
however, have an optional CFD module which may be helpful.

For creating proper zone definitions for energy calculations, review the
ASHRAE 90.1 descriptions of zoning in Appendix G, section 3.1

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