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I am trying to model a dedicated outdoor air system in eQUEST. I created the DOAS (type PSZ) and assigned it to a 1ft2 "dummy zone", which has no loads. All of my other systems have OA-FROM-SYSTEM set to the DOAS. I set SUPPLY-FLOW for the DOAS to the total OA flow rate for the building, and I set MIN-OUTSIDE-AIR for the DOAS to 1.

Now I am confused as to what settings to input under the Air-Side HVAC Zone Parameters for the "dummy zone". Do I define heating and cooling thermostat schedules, which are set to the temperature at which I want to supply the OA to all the other systems? So, if I want the DOAS to supply 70F air to all the other systems do I set these thermostat schedules and the Indoor Design Temperatures to 70F? Also, do I need to input the building OA supply flow rate in the dummy zone under ASSIGNED-FLOW and OUTSIDE-AIR-FLOW?


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