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[HOT OFF THE PRESSES!] The mysterious challenger strikes again!

In what can only be described as "... some sort of Do Loop" (thanks John!), the mysterious auto-reply messenger who pounced upon the unsuspecting [equest-users] community this morning unleashed a fury of relatively polite French responses (as far as this reporter can tell via Google Translate). The onebuilding heavyweight stood fast against the onslaught until our hero Jason Glazer once again put an end to the madness.

The perpetrator (to whose credit we can attribute at least 5 years of constructive community membership, by my count) remains at-large and might just be enjoying a delicious Mojito on the balmy sands of Cuba as we speak. My sources are rarely wrong! This reporter is hot on the trail and eager to investigate the situation...
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Dutifully, your self-designated onebuilding crime investigative reporter,


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