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An electronic copy of ASHRAE-55, latest version? I hear about using airflow as a measurement to improve air quality, whereas I always used CO2 measurements. Very confusing.
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While I?m at it I thought you might enjoy the attached Journal article from October 2004. I used to work with the authors in the late nineties in Victoria BC. Bright people who were pushing the envelope at that time. They were working for the provincial crown corporation which looked after all the government buildings in the province. The had a simple but brilliant energy accounting system that spit out a report each month for over 900 buildings. Crown corporations have gone the way of the Dodo bird and building performance has regressed.

Dave Warden was championing the dual fan dual duct system in the mid-90?s. My classmate wrote the specification for Hirsch to update DOE2.1e to include the DFDD system. British Columbia Buildings Corporation provided the funding.

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