DOE 2.3 issue with Air-side spreadsheet

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Hi everyone- I am not getting my Air-side spreadsheet populated when I use
2.3. This is even happening at the wizard level, when I go into just view
the air-side spreadsheet. (see screen shot below).

When I switch the program back to 2.2 everything is fine and populated
correctly, but when I am in 2.3 wizard mode and when I switch to DDedit
mode, my Air-side spreadsheet is unpopulated.

Any insight and help would be appreciated. I really want to use 2.3 for
this new model I am working on.


[image: Inline image 1]

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Hi Pasha:
Long time since we last spoke.
Yes, some of the spreadsheets have many blank rows between entries.? All the information is probably there if you scroll down.

If you click your mouse in heading row, such as Zone Name, all the blanks in the spreadsheet are removed.
?Paul Diglio

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