District Thermal Energy for LEED

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Hello, all.

So, I'm (still) working on an energy model involving District Steam and
Chilled Water, and am abiding by the LEED Document "Required Treatment
of District Thermal Energy in LEED-NC version 2.2 and LEED for Schools,"
as required by both LEED 2.2 and LEED 2009 (see

However, in looking at the document, it doesn't seem to take into
account the new point-structure. According to one paragraph in the EA
credit 1 section, "The total number of EAc1 points achievable in Step 2
is limited to 4 points above the number determined in Step 1, up to a
maximum of 10 total points for the project." Should these numbers be
changed (at least theoretically), to account for the potential of 19
points in the 2009 EAc1?

Has anyone encountered this, or know if a new revision of this paper is
in the works?


Martin Snarski LEED(r) AP

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