Tomorrow // Analysis from your iPhone and Android: ArchPLUS Workshop and Latest Features

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Analysis from your iPhone and Android: ArchPLUS Workshop and Latest Features

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ArchPlus is a 3D modelling and simulation software for IOS and Android platforms. It enables users to conduct wind and solar analyses (shadow range studies) in 2D and in 3D Augmented Reality environment. Real-time airflow can be visualised with streamlines changing in size and colour in adaptation with wind speed.

In this webinar, basics of natural ventilation and wind-building interaction will be given at first to build a base to make the features of ArchPLUS much more understandable. Then, example scenes at building scale and urban scale will be modelled and also imported for better understanding of the ArchPLUS.

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About the presenter
Ilker Karadag is an architect, wind engineer and software developer. After receiving his undergraduate degree in architecture (2010), he started to study Master in Building Sciences Program of the METU Architecture Department. He continued his graduate studies as research assistant in the same program with the year of 2011. In 2014, he started his Ph.D. at ITU Faculty of Architecture/ Building Sciences Program and still continues to work as an academician at the Department of Building Physics and Environmental Control. He is developing simulation tools for the built environment, focusing on natural ventilation in tall buildings, building integrated wind energy systems, building aerodynamics, wind efficient building design and augmented reality.


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