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Dear community,
I'm a PhD Student and I need responses to this survey from users of
building energy simulation softwares to help me advance in my thesis.
*Even if you don't use optimization tools, I'm very interested in your
answers to the survey.*

Link to the google forms survey:

The survey only takes 3 minutes, and the results will be shared with the
malinglist in the form of a pdf report.
You can re-enter the link and edit your responses at any time until the
survey ends on Friday, November 1st, 2019.

Thank you very much!

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Dear community,

Thank you to the 96 participants who've completed the survey so far. I
hope we'll get to 200 by the end of the allotted time!

Upon the suggestions of many participants, I modified the unclear
questions and added some interesting ones. Please feel free to modify
your responses.

Google forms survey's shrotenned link: https://forms.gle/eyX3NkXqPwWU6rZUA

Reminder: the survey will end on Friday, 1st of November 2019 at 11:59
PM (PDT time).

Best regards,

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