Overview on SOLARCHVISION method and model integration processes

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Method overview and model integration processes

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This workshop will cover the computational tools and methods that have been developed by Mojtaba Samimi in order to advance parametric thinking as well as solar-environmental planning and operation.

Calculating the position of the sun in the sky and estimating and mapping direct and diffuse solar radiation components on building surfaces are some of the starting points for producing a solar analysis.

However, to integrate solar considerations within the design process of building and city structures, architects, urban planners, municipalities, clients and building & city dwellers, all basically need even more specific analytical information. For example, considering the average and extreme of solar patterns and weather conditions in each location, the effectiveness & ineffectiveness of each architectural & urban element in regards to its orientation should be fully evaluated. This is a remarkably important issue to optimize and maximize the gains that can further be obtained from building skin and open spaces when data from different periods of time are considered (i.e. hourly, daily, annual and decadal data).

About the Instructor
Mojtaba Samimi is a researcher, author and consultant. His experience includes Software Developer at Product and Innovation Section of Meteorological Service of Canada, Software Design and Architectural and Urban 3D Performance Modelling at RMM solarch studio (solarchvision), Software Design at Natural Resources Canada and Researcher at Technische Universitat Berlin.


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