New OpenFoam CFD + Butterfly Live Webinar Workshops Announced

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New OpenFoam CFD + Butterfly Live Webinar Workshops Announced

Led by Butterfly Developer Theodore Galanos

Outdoor Urban Wind Studies

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation Studies

Advanced CFD Studies

About the Instructor

Theodore Galanos is Head of Building Physics and Computational Design at NEOPOLI. He is a holder of a Master?s degree in Industrial Ecology from the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands. Driven by his strong connection with the principles of Sustainability and their implementation in the built environment he joined NEAPOLI as the Head of Research & Building Physics Department. He is in charge of developing and implementing performance assessment frameworks and simulation tools for the built environment, focusing on energy optimisation, outdoor and indoor thermal comfort, natural and artificial lighting, wind assessment, and micro-climate optimisation. His industrial experience involves Government-led research projects, formed to assess Biofuel production capabilities, opportunities, and barriers in Malaysia, using the Life Cycle Analysis framework.


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