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I need some help regarding the LEED energy modelling of Mechanical +
naturally ventilated building under LEED NC.

I read the Advance Energy guide. However, I am not clear about the baseline
, as in would the baseline would be as per appendix G only. or there would
be any alteration?. e.g if i have system 5 as per Appendix G , then i would
just model system 5 in my baseline ?.

If anyone has done this kind of project. Kindly furnish some key details.

Looking forward .

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If you look into Advance Energy Modeling Guide, Appendix D page#74
carefully, It explicitly says Baseline to be as per ASHRAE 90.1. Also, it's
worth raising a CIR specific to the project OR GBCI also allow a conference
call to discuss special concerns, if any.

In my past experience, I have used Baseline system as per ASHRAE 90.1-2007
(for LEED v3.0), TABLE G3.1.1A and three Proposed cases (P1,P2 and P3) as
prescribed under Advance Energy Modeling Guide. It went through the review
with some minor clarifications at the end.

Hope this helps!!

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