Leap Motion does Kinect in 3-D

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Microsoft's Kinect was supposed to be the next big thing when it comes to input devices for your computer. But actually, a 3-D motion controller known as the Leap Motion might be even more exciting. Source for this article:

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Amazing program

When compared with the Microsoft Kinect, the Leap Motion seems to be a much better option for playing games. The Kinect only produces a 2-D image for game control, but the Motion creates a 3-d, 8 cubic feet room that can be used for playing. It is also way more sensitive, making it more accurate to a person’s motions. With the Leap, you can use any type of object you need in the room as part of game play due to the 3-D room, according to Wired.

Industry to get Leap Motion

In an effort to easily inject the Motion to the mass market, Leap Motion the business publicized recently that the 3-D motion controller will be pre-installed with select Asus-brand all-in-one PC laptops. Sold-alone Motion controllers are also anticipated to go on sale soon.

Optimal screen integration

Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald is really fairly excited with how well Leap Motion works with the brand new Windows 8 interface. The tiles could be easily manipulated in room with the new product and makes it work much better than when placed on its own.

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