Heating and cooling energy usage in eQUEST

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I have been trying to compare the HVAC energy consumption for the same system, but with different performance curves sets, 1 and 2, for simplicity (CAP, EIR and PLR curves). The results did not turn out as I expected, so I played a bit with the program:

Set 1: heating 947, cooling  850

Set 2: heating 1246, cooling 841

Play 1: Use set 1 cooling curves and set 2 heating curves with everything else the same: heating 1215, cooling 1240

Play 2: Use set 2 cooling curves and set 1 heating curves with everything else the same: heating 519, heating 986

This is very strange for the results of play 1 and play 2, since I have only changed the heating or the cooling curves only and kept everything else exactly the same. Since the system is the same (PSZ), should only the heating or cooling energy usage change comparing to set 1 and set 2?

I was wondering if anybody else had the same problem before or anyone can explain how eQUEST calculates the load etc?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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