eSim2018 conference and workshops-still time to register!!

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Description of the workshops (for more details, visit ):

Translating Data into Information - an introduction to RapidMiner (May 8th 8:30AM-12:30AM)
Introduction to RapidMiner advanced platform offering data analytics tools that can translate our data into useful information to support decision making [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

Sustainable Urban Modeling in UMI (May 8th 1:30PM-5:30PM)
Introduction to this urban modeling platform, developed by the Sustainable Design Lab at MIT, which calculates urban performance indicators related to operational and embodied energy use as well as access to daylight and neighborhood walkability. [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

Introduction to TRNSYS 18 and advanced features (May 8th 8:30AM-12:30AM)
Basic introduction to TRNSYS, a powerful and flexible simulation engine that can be used to study individual buildings in great detail, district cogeneration plants, solar water heating applications, the impact of new technologies or innovative controls. [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

Simulating Occupants in Buildings (May 11th 8:30AM-12:30AM)
This workshop covers the fundamentals of occupant behavior modeling and implementation in Building Performance Simulation tools Models in EnergyPlus and OpenStudio softwares will be demonstrated. [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

Interactive Python for Building Simulation with EnergyPlus (May 11th 1:30PM-5:30PM)
This workshop will teach the participants how to manipulate EnergyPlus input files, conduct simulation and analyzing results programmatically with Python. [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

NECB Compliance Automation with IESVE NECB Navigator (May 8th 8:30AM-12:30AM)
Learn how to use the Navigator and its powerful auto-reporting features to demonstrate compliance quickly and easily. Included will be a demonstration of how IESVE can be applied to daylight modelling and natural ventilation strategies. [reg.: CAN$55, student: $CAN35]

LEED v4 Compliance with IESVE ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Navigator (May 8th 1:30PM-5:30PM)
Learn how to use the Navigator and its powerful auto-reporting features to demonstrate compliance quickly and easily. [reg.: CAN$55, student: $CAN35]

Modelling and simulating Ground-source Heat Pumps Systems using TRNSYS (May 11th 8:30AM-12:30AM)
Practical workshop on modelling of ground-source heat pump system. general concepts on borehole heat transfer and heat pump modeling will be reviewed and participant will simulate a complete system (bore field, heat pump, building). [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

TRNSYS for optimization and Model-Predictive Control with Matlab and GenOpt (May 8th 1:30PM-5:30PM)
Presentation of basic optimization principles. Comparison of different approaches to optimize building and system design in TRNSYS with GenOpt or using Matlab as a pre- and post-processor. Presentation of MPC principles. Comparison of different approaches to implement MPC in TRNSYS [reg.: CAN$125, student: $CAN75]

Initiation ? SketchUp / OpenStudio- incluant pr?sentation de la Building Technology Assessment Platform (May8th 8:30AM-5:30PM and May11th 8 :30AM-5:30PM)
L'atelier sera compos? de pr?sentation et d'exercice pour r?aliser les premiers pas en simulation ?nerg?tique avec SketchUp / OpenStudio. Nous aborderons les principes de mod?lisation de la volum?trie du b?timent et des charges internes, les principes et les techniques pour mod?liser les diff?rents types de syst?mes CVCA et leurs contr?les dans OpenStudio.,mesures en efficacit? ?nerg?tique, les rapports de r?sultat et le lien entre OpenStudio et EnergyPlus. Enfin, l'outil d'analyse param?trique PAT sera abord?. [2-day workshop. reg: $CAN500, student: $CAN300]

We hope to see you at eSim2018!

Danielle Monfet and Karine Lavigne, chairs for eSim2018

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