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Good morning,

My eQuest project consists of 2 adjacent buildings in the same file. The first is 719,000 sf, and the other is 90,000 sf.

Yesterdays simulation completed and produced the full set of reports in the .Sim file.

This morning, I added 2 schedules to each building and applied them appropriately. I now get a full simulation with the annual electric and natural gas consumptions and demands by end use detailed in .csv output file. However, the .Sim report generation abruptly ends after the first 6 load verification reports.

Has anyone else come across this issue? If so, is there a solution?

I compared yesterday's .Sim file size to this morning's:

Yesterday's .Sim was 33.419 MB

Today's .Sim file is 33.422 MB

I'm thinking that the additional schedules possibly resulted in the maximum volume of the .Sim file being exceeded?

Any thoughts, suggested fixes, etc would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and have a nice day.

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That the sizes are similar suggests to me the data is there, it just isn?t being displayed?

Try opening each file with a text editor (like notepad / notepad++) and let us know if the ?abrupt end? isn?t happening there. If so, a reinstall of eQuest (which will reinstall the doe2 sim viewer) may fix whatever is wrong on that front. Sharing your SIM with someone else may also help (advise it probably won?t work as an attachment directed at the lists however).

Worth noting, 32MB is relatively hefty as SIM files go, but within the range of sanity for relatively expansive / complex models. SIM Size also can grow large quickly if you?re doing a lot of custom hourly reporting. Have definitely seen larger cases without any real problems insofar as opening/viewing the SIM goes.


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