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Wow, Joe. This is fantastic. I'm curious if you will be publishing
statistics showing the differences in solar radiation as calculated using
the old methods versus the new satellite data? That would instigate a very
interesting conversation indeed.

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On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 9:14 PM Joe Huang YJHuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com

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I can certainly calculate the statistics, but I need some time first for more urgent
matters such as updating as well as replacing the modeled solar on all the 2017 weather
files. From what I've seen so far,? I expect the aggregate totals to change a little for
US locations because the modeled solar had already been calibrated against satellite solar
from another source in 2015, while for Canada and Europe the changes might be from a
little to moderate, and larger still for other parts of the world.? On an hourly and even
daily basis, I expect the differences to be much larger, but who's to say that the
satellite data which are on a 3-5km grid are necessarily better?? Please stay tuned.


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