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Why does the design flow supply cfm and design ventilation OSA cfm in the summary tab of the system & zone air-side summary report differ from the user defined inputs I use in detailed data edit mode? Is there a way to make it exact without having to lower the inputs for every system to get desired flow rates in the summary report? Changing each system's flow and making several simulations until I find the right cfm is too time consuming. Does eQuest automatically account for duct leakage that would skew the numbers? If so, how do I change it? Thanks in advance!


Tom Mickley

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This is an issue of altitude factor. eQuest considers default altitude
factor according to the location. Please adjust your supply cfm accordingly.


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If you go to the Project & Site tab and right-click on Site Data > Properties, go to Altitude and make the value 0.

Lincoln Lam

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or adjust your cfm & related values by dividing by the altitude
multiplier factor on input so they come out what you expect them to be.
i.e. 1000 cfm/1.09 = input, output = 1000 cfm. you also need to check
your kw outputs in the sv-a report(s) to make sure they're correct, if
not divide the kw/cfm input by the altitude multiplier on input.

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