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Hi All,
I am curious about how much people are currently?utilizing the gbxml interface for importing of the room and envelope data into their energy models?
The kinds of feedback/opinions I'm looking for are:
* Are you using gbxml on none/some/most/all of your energy models?? Or, are you still finding?manual inputting of room and envelope data to be just as or more efficient...or perhaps less frustrating??
* What percentage of the models that you work on would you say use gbxml imports versus manual data inputting??
* Does the size, complexity and budget on the project?make a difference?
* Does the design phase in which you start the energy modeling make a difference?
* Are the architects you are working with even constructing BIM type models that you can?get the gbxml files from?? If so, are they constructing?clean/tight models that? produce good gbxml files for energy analysis????
* If you know the arch's are going to be constructing a BIM model, does it influence what energy modeling software you use on the project??
Would love to hear your thoughts and experience about the current state of things?and if you are seeing things change in your part of the world.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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