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Dear eQUEST users,

I need to convert a DOE-2 weather file (.bin file) into an EnergyPlus
weather file (.epw). I have found the following instructions for this from
this link:
However, I am not able to find the DOE2 WTH tool. Would you please direct
me to it?

Best Regards,
Simge Andolsun, PhD.


I have some DOE-2 weather files in binary format (no text original inputs)
that I'd like to convert to EPW format.

Has anyone discovered a (hopefully) painless way to do this conversion?

*Answer *

Using the DOE2 WTH tool, convert to text format. The EnergyPlus Weather
Converter reads that format and can

convert into EPW. You will need to use the DOE2 bin to fmt converter first.
All the utilities you need are in our

"Yahoo Groups" file area; the folder name is DOE-2_Weather_Converter.

When you have the file in fmt format, the EnergyPlus WeatherConverter can
convert to EPW format. You might

also download the latest EPLusWth.dll; again, this is in our "Yahoo Groups"
area in a folder Updates/Windows/.

Join the EnergyPlus Support group at

*Caveat*: Be aware that DOE-2 binary weather files save temperatures in
integer F and solar radiation in integer

BTU/ft*2*, so any such file converted to EPW will lose precision compared
to the original source data. In other

words, the resulting decimal on these EPW files is good only to 0.3C
precision, not 0.1C.

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Please ignore my question. I just figured it out :).

Simge Andolsun, PhD

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