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How can I find the amount of mechanical units condensate drain (gallon per day) in equest?
Because, it is going to use for irrigation and architect need it for landscaping credit.

Thanks for your help

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I would create an hourly report for whatever air handler(s) serving your condensate collection system and select the system air flow, mixed air humidity ratio, and humidity ratio of air leaving cooling coil and go from there. You may want to also grab the density of the air at coil, but that won't vary greatly. However, if you are at altitude you will want to correct for that. Export the hourly results into excel and you should be able to calculate a reasonable estimate of the amount of water removed from the airstream. Keep in mind that you are likely using the weather for an average year (TMY2 file) , so your mileage will vary.

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Couldn't you get it from the latent energy shown on the SS-I reports (shown in MMBtu/yr), then convert to water at ~1,062 BTU/lb (assumes 55?F condensing temperature) and 8.35 lb/gallon?

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See Example "Proj-27 - Dubai-CC-Coils-Condensate-Recovery".
In DOE2.1E you can get the info from hourly output reports: VARIABLE-TYPE = "u-name of System" and I think the variable list number is 48 (latent part of cooling load). This has to transferred an Excel file and converted to gallons. The project later switched to TRACE-700 and the final quantitities were obtained from TRACE. It was much more difficult to extract this info from TRACE than DOE2.1E.

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