Compliance Analysis Errors using HVAC WSHP (simplified single zone)

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Has anyone had a problem running the Compliance Analysis when the designed Proposed building is using a Water-Source Heat Pump as a WSHP (simplified single zone). I get the following Warning messages:

Line 2287: HVAC System: EL1 Sys1 (HP) (G.N1)
Line 2313: Warning Encountered:

And the following ERROR Messages:

Error: Data Retrieval from BDL failed evaluating rule: Set flag if parent prop system has HEAT-SOURCE
Error: Local() error - ZONE:rvPropSystem HasCentralHtgCoil intermediate values not found. evaluating rule: Transfer HEAT-SET-T to zone

If I define the System Type as: WSHP (single/multi-zone), the Compliance Analysis runs okay.

Any suggestions???


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