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Does eQuest understand the common wall areas between 2 buildings (when
drafted as different shells since the heights vary, drafted in DD Wizardat
is the procedure to fix this.


Pranita Kothuru

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No, eQuest can't handle such complicated things.

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I think this feature was added with version 3.63. Wherever the exterior
walls of two shells occupy the same vertical plane, the eQUEST wizard
creates adiabatic interior walls in adjacent spaces, which is usually
what you would want. It will do this even if the shell heights vary.
Unfortunately, the wizard does not do the same thing when you stack
shells vertically. You have to choose roof or no roof for the entire
shell in the wizard and then remove/create roof surfaces in DD edit mode
if your shells have different footprints.


William Bishop, PE, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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I agree with Bill: eQuest can figure out when two different shells share the
same wall. If one wall is higher than the other, eQuest will create an
exterior wall surface on the higher wall while maintaining the interior or
adiabatic surface (I haven?t looked at it too closely) on the shared portion
of the wall. I find it helpful to be VERY careful in the Wizard input to
make sure you?re choosing the same points / nodes. A small error here seems
to confuse the program.

Steve Samenski, PE, LEED AP, BEMP

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Thank you all for the valuable input.


Pranita Kothuru

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Ahhhh. I never knew that. Ecotect does the same thing. When you have 2 walls
touching one another it knows that the touching walls are interior and the
one not touching another surface is exterior. Good to know. You can actually
see it when you create your xml file. It also checks to see whether your
walls are facing the correct direction so that you don't have the inside of
the wall on the outside and the outside of the wall on the inside. You can
check this under the eQuest properties when you see wall direction. It was
one of my first mistakes in modeling.

PS:- I do not use the wizard so if you use the wizard this would not be an



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