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Colleagues --
ASHRAE Standard 205P (Standard Representation of Performance Simulation
Data for HVAC&R and Other Facility Equipment) is now available for
advisory public review and comment.This is an advisory public review for Standard 205P, intended to capture
feedback from key stakeholder groups to allow refinement of the
Standard. That will subsequently lead to a formal public review and
ultimately publication of the first edition of the Standard.The review draft establishes the foundation and framework for creating
neutral, industry-standard equipment data formats. It also includes the
first three specific instances of those data formats: unitary cooling
equipment, water cooled chillers, and fans. Subsequent editions of the
standard will progressively build on the foundation to define data
formats for further types of HVAC equipment such as air-cooled chillers,
unitary heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow systems, boilers, pumps,
and many others.Standard 205P is intended for use by data publishers (typically
equipment manufacturers) and developers of simulation and other analysis
software. It will allow them to implement data writing and reading
methods supporting direct transfer of detailed performance data. The
goal is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of equipment modeling in
simulation software.Standard 205P specifies detailed performance map formats that include
information such as capacity and input power for all operating
conditions.Manufacturers and other data producers are asked for comment on the
practicality of reporting data of this type. Similarly, application
software developers should assess the implementation burden required to
exploit performance map data.End users of simulation software may also have an interest in reviewing
the draft, since adoption of the proposed approach will impact their
workflows.The Standard 205P draft is available via should be submitted via the ASHRAE online system. See review period will end October 31, 2017.

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