CO2 Cascade Refrigration System

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Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to model a Co2 cascade refrigeration system for a refrigerated warehouse facility using eQ-Refrig 3.61. The existing warehouse example and DOE-2.2R?are helpful but I haven't been able to establish a standard system yet due to errors.
I guess my question is, has anyone been able to model this type of system in equest? If yes, Is there any special strategy for modeling this type system?
The last error I got is " Table:". I can't figure out what is this error!

Any insight greatly appreciated.


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Unfortunately I don't have the solution, but I am curious about this as well for supermarket applications. I haven't been able to model a secondary glycol loop in a refrigeration system, but I HAVE modeled a general cascade (non-CO2) system.

Does anyone know if you can just add/overwrite the CO2 refrigerant properties into the eQuest library .dat file? This may be a step toward the answer.

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