CO sensors in parking structures

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Hello Everyone,

Is there a way in eQuest to model ventilation fans with CO sensors in
parking structures?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Gregory W. Stevens

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Hi Greg,

When I did it way back, I created a schedule to reflect the reduction. My
thinking was along these lines: the baseline schedule would reflect the
occupancy schedule, ie the normal coming and going of people in the
building; the proposed schedule would have a high % when people arrived, go
to a min level for awhile, have another high % at lunch, go to another min
lovel for awhile and then another high % when they left. This all depends on
what your building type/usage is, of course, and requires sound engineering
judgment to do a good job. Document all assumptions, like cars emit CO when
they are running not when they are parked, and when the reviewer asks why
say "because I said so". Oh sorry, don't say that, just provide your

If you need further assistance, let me know.

Good night,

Carol Gardner PE

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That is basically how I got credit with the USGBC for CO controlled
parking fans. I provided some back-up studies that showed how rarely fans
have to ramp up in a parking garage. When cars arrive, they are running
hot and are barely emitting CO, so for an office building parking garage
there might not even be much of a morning uptick.

Nathan Miller

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Hi Nathan,

Could you provide a source for your back-up studies? I would like to
review them, if possible, and see if I can utilize them in my effort.



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The ASHREA Applications Handbook has a chapter on Enclosed Vehicular
Facilities that has some good information on parking garages that may

Have a nice day!

Cam Fitzgerald

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ELK hunting in Colorado with the old man the 11th through the 22nd then its back to sconie for whitetail and thanksgiving.

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I did a large amount of Firestone Auto center MEP
"site-adapt-the-prototype" design work for a period of about a year. At
some point I needed to verify some specifics on their prototype CO2/CO
sensor ventilation monitoring equipment for the auto/shop garage area
ventilation fans. Without plugging the manufacturer by name, I recall
they had a lot of literature that was extremely helpful in understanding
the operations/function of the system. I'm sure such manufacturers
might have performed the energy studies you're looking for and their
respective reps would be extremely happy to put such info in your hands,
if you ask.

If it helps to add to the consensus - I was surprised to learn how
little these systems really need to kick the fans on - haven't needed to
model it yet though.


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Yes, it works and follows the KISS rule. What could be better! So easy to
understand and measure.
Life is easy,

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