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Hi e-quest users:

i have to model a chiller water condenser for my LEED Base line building, but a
have two questions i hope anyone can solve.
1.- could this chiller be a constant COP (no curve)? or it must to associate
2.- if the answer is the second case, which curves must be asociates with?

thank you in advace

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You could specify a chiller with a constant COP (EIR in eQuest), but chillers don't operate that way. eQuest uses 3 curves to adjust chiller performance with varying operating conditions:

1. Chiller performance varies with changing condenser conditions (dry bulb temp for air-cooled, condenser water temp for water-cooled)

2. Part load conditions (i.e. chiller efficiency is different at 50% load than full load)

3. The total capacity of the chiller varies with condenser conditions as well

The program comes with sets of curves for each of these, and they are selected by default based on what you select for the chiller type. Figure out (if you don't already know) the kW/ton of your chiller at ARI conditions, and enter it into the appropriate screen in the wizard. Enter the correct chiller type and let eQuest do the rest. If you have more specific chiller performance data, you can create your own curves, but I have a feeling you don't need to be that precise.

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