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Hi all,

I'll be taking the CEM exam soon and I haven't been able to find a good study guide. Does anyone have any suggestions, or even a textbook that covers the majority of the topics tested?


Gregg Liddick, EIT, LEED(r) AP

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I looked into taking it and found this company
http://www.mo-media.com/energymanager/. I have not purchased the study
material but the Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating. There is a
list of study material from the AEE website but to buy them all is more than
I wanted to spend.

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I wrote the CEM exam on Friday after taking the 5-day workshop. The
workshop note handout package contains all of the information to answer
about 80-90% of the questions. I brought a couple of other books into
the exam with me and used them for about three questions. I found the
workshop to be well worth the time and money investment.

For self-study the Guide to Energy Management 6th ed
Capehart/Turner/Kennedy is very appropriate. It goes into more depth
than what is needed on the exam. They actually gave us a copy of this
book at the workshop.

There's also the online practice test which you should definitely do if
you're not taking the 5-day workshop.

I did a 3-day crash course private study group for my LEED AP exam too.
I would say the LEED exam is slightly harder than the CEM exam, but in
both cases you have to be prepared.

David Elfstrom, P.Eng, LEED? AP

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