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Where in the climate-change am I supposed to input the 5% and 10% distribution losses to make the 'reviewer' happy?

Thermal distribution losses - the following values may be used to account for seasonal thermal distribution losses including minor leaks and/or condensate losses (but not pumping energy, which must be accounted for separately where it applies):
- chilled water district cooling 5%
- hot water district heating 10%
- closed loop steam systems 15%; open loop steam systems 25%
- steam systems that are partially open/closed must prorate between the above 15% and 25% losses in accordance with the fraction of expected or actual condensate loss



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Hi again John-

I just put these values in a project and it hasn't been approved yet.... so
I can't speak with 100% certainty: the intent of the distribution losses is
to convert the district plant efficiency to an equivalent local plant
efficiency. I'm tired and working from memory, but John is referring to the
District or Campus ruling for 2009. I believe that you can use actual
losses if it is existing and somehow estimate them if you can prove it,
which seems impossible.

So, you're probably stuck with the defaults. Based on your first comment,
I am going to assume that you have district chilled water and district hot
water heating.

*For cooling:*

To populate a net 5% thermal loss for cooling, you can multiply the cooling
equipments(s) kw/ton by .95. That will propagate a 5% loss through every
plant level energy conversion.

The compressor (and sometimes the plant) energy is determined by: (Full
load kw/ton)*(tons of cooling demand)*(Part load factor)*(ambient unloading
factor). The only number that stays steady in that equation is the kw/ton -
so it is the only place to implement a consistent loss of 5%. You may also
have to multiply the heat rejection kW/ton by .95 but many times that will
be set to "none" for a central plant.

*For heating:*

It works the same way - but less variables. Just multiply the heating
equipment(s) efficiency by .9 and you get a 10% net thermal loss through
the whole heating plant.

*Where to input it in the Climate Change*

I don't know. However, it seems you are substituting climate change for a 4
letter word. That doesn't make any sense. It is totally different - see:

It works like this... * if you don't follow the rules, a punishment will
come from the sky, and you will go to climate change.... FOREVER and ever.
So you better follow the green commandments... **(*citation*: *AlGore 3:16)



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