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To Whomever Might be Able to Assist Me,

I have two questions in regard to the Equest 3.63 program:

1. Can anyone point me to where I might be able to find
information about rotating my building (3 Shells) in the Detail

2. Has anyone else experienced a doubling in size of the *.PDL
file after a "File, Save As"? With only minor changes to my file in the
Detailed Interface and
after only a few saves, the PDL file can get over 1 Giga
Bytes. This doesn't happen every time I perform a "File Save As", but
when it does, It forces me to go
back to an older version and start over. I am using XP

Thanks in advance for the assistance,


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For question 1, under the Building Shell tab, double click on the Building Data icon in the component tree, then change the azimuth.

I have not had any experience with your second question.


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For your second question, I had exactly the same problem before. The PDL file was more 3 Gigabytes. What I did is to copy and paste the inp, bdl, and project files into a new folder. Reopen your project file and save it with a different name. Maybe this?is not?a smart?way to solve the problem. If anybody has a good idea, please share with us your thoughts.

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