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Hi John,

There isn?t a 1-click step for building rotations, but it?s relatively simple with a framework like this. You want to use parametric runs to adjust the AZIMUTH property for each of your floors. If from wizards development you haven?t messed with or provided manual rotation inputs to any of the shell/space/geometry defaults for azimuth, everything should rotate together based on this input alone:
[cid:image007.png at 01D44C16.A8C0B4E0]

The above illustrates how I?d prefer to document/structure a building where ?Plan North? starts at 110 degrees from true North, as you prompted. Note the final input for AZIMUTH will throw an error if the value is either >360 or <-360, so if your baseline is 110 we can?t add 270 for the final rotation but must instead turn the other direction (-90)?

Does this answer the question?


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