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In trying to convert an eQuest INP model into EnergyPlus format, I am
trying my luck with this measure in OpenStudio. However, I have failed
to run it. I believe one needs to input the file name before running the
measure, but I see no input possibility. Having no experience with
OpenStudio, I may be missing something very fundamental. Any help here
would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hi Omar,

Have you tried to follow the steps mentioned in the measure description. I
am pasting below text which details out the steps

1)Open the OpenStudio application, go to the measures tab, click on the
'My' folder icon to open your 'My Measures' directory. Unzip the attached
measure and drag it into your 'My Measures' directory.
2) Click on the 'Components & Measures->Apply Measure Now' file menu.
Select the 'btap_equest_converter' measure under 'Envelope.Form', type in
the path to a .INP file on your computer. Make sure to replace any
backslashes '' in your path with forward slashes '/'. Hit 'Apply Measure',
if all goes well you will see a report about the measure's operation and
can accept the changes to your model.
3) Then save your OSM and open it in the SketchUp plug-in to verify that
the model imported correctly.


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Hi Omar,

I would check out this unmet hours post. The comments to the first and third answers are related to the OpenStudio measure that you are trying to use.


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