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I'm trying to configure my model to change automatically between an
overhead air distribution and a displacement vent system. Under the
Space/Lighting properties I would like to define the "LIGHT-HEAT-TO"
to switch between my plenum if its displacement or the "unused"
command if overhead. I have tried to use the following DOE2 input but
for some reason it keeps giving me an error. Can anyone see any
mistakes or help out?

LIGHT-HEAT-TO = if (#PA("DV On/Off")=1) then
SymIndex("EL1 Classroom 1 Pln", "SPACE", "LIGHT-HEAT-TO")
else unused

This is the ERROR I am recieving --- >

*ERROR*****LIGHT-HEAT-TO in EL1 Classroom 1 has Expression Evaluation Error:
BDL Symbol 'EL1 Classroom 1 Pln' not found


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