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I got Ganesh's email wrong. Please try using the one from this message
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To clarify a couple of points about the exam ? all questions will relate to
the Detailed Content Outline (DCO).

The references are provided as potential resources in performing those tasks
from the DCO. As Bill mentioned, just because Standard 140 is listed as a
resource doesn?t guarantee that a question on that standard will be
included, although it may still be helpful document to understand the
mechanics of energy modeling, and as the exam is revised periodically
questions on varying topics from the DCO may be added/removed.

Regarding ASHRAE standard-specific questions ? you won?t have to have
memorized tables of performance data or efficiencies, but you will want to
have some general ideas of what good and best practices are. You do need to
know which standard covers what material, which would be normal experience
in the course of working on several modeling projects.

Many of the tasks identified in the DCO use processes that are aligned with
one of the ASHRAE Standards, even without asking about a particular rate or
efficiency from the standards?again anyone with the required modeling work
experience will have this exposure.

The exam absolutely tests experience, if you aren?t practiced at working on
modeling projects then it will be difficult to pass the exam, even if you
were able to memorize each of the listed references in their entirety. If
you felt that you were at the lower end of the work experience scale, the
90.1 User?s Manual is probably one of the first resources to review.

Some BEM workshops are available from IBPSA-USA/ASHRAE/RMI and offered in
various locations. If a general energy modeling workshop from another
vendor was offered in your location it probably would also be useful. The
workshops are intended to train on modeling practices, not the exam

Work on four LEED models is probably going to be much less experience than
most people who take the exam, as it isn?t intended to be an entry-level
certification. Even a licensed engineer/architect is still required to have
two years of modeling experience to be eligible to take the exam.

I hope this helps!



David S. Eldridge, Jr., P.E., LEED AP BD+C, BEMP, HBDP

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I got Ganesh?s email wrong. Please try using the one from this message if
you reply.

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There are some good threads if you search for ?BEM exam? or ?BEMP? at the
bldg-sim archive here:

I took the first exam in January, and did an immediate brain-dump afterward,
so my recollection is sketchy. That being said, here are my quick thoughts
regarding your questions:

1. No ASHRAE Standard-specific questions.

2. You do not need to know Standard 140.

3. No questions regarding specific software packages.

4. I can not recommend a specific path for preparing. Energy modeling and
energy auditing experience is the best preparation.

5. I am not aware of any exam-specific resources, other than what appears on
the ASHRAE website. There were/are supposed to be BEM workshops but I don?t
have further information.

The ASHRAE Fundamentals Ch. 19 ?Energy Estimating and Modeling Methods? has
good info but is very dense/technical and soporific. The exam is difficult,
and really tests experience more than just smarts or exam-preparation

I copied this to the bldg-sim list so other exam takers can share their

Best of luck,

*William Bishop, PE, BEMP, LEED? AP **|** **Pathfinder Engineers &
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Hi Bill,

I understand that you are BEMP certified , I have planned to take up the
exam. I have few queries regarding this exam I would be glad if you could
answer them.

I would like to know specific nature of questions asked in this exam.

1. Will the questions be related to ASHRAE 90.1, 62.1 or 55 standard
or only general engineering questions as given in the sample questions in
ASHRAE website.

2. In syllabi section ASHRAE had included Standard 140 do we really
need to know the process for testing new energy simulation software.

3. Will any questions be related to any specific simulation software

4. Do you recommend any specific path to be followed for preparing for
this exam.

5. Any other resources apart from the one given in the ASHRAE website.

Your recommended time for preparation for the exam considering exhaustive
nature of syllabi. My experience is limited and I have done whole building
simulation , mainly for LEED, for four buildings. So I would like to have
your inputs to sit for the exam.



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