Asking for help on Economizer input for LEED EAc1 compliance

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Hello everyone, I'm a new eQuest user and working on my first LEED project.
Fortunately and unfortunately, I am in charge of the energy modeling for the
project. We are a two-man company and don't have many resources or other
coworkers to turn to and figure things out collectively. Any help anyone can
provide would be of much help. I've structured the questions to be specific
and included background info and how I've implemented or believe I should
implement input into eQuest. Other difficulties will be addressed in
subsequent emails with similar structured questions. For your help I thank
you in advance.

Economizer has to be set for baseline building, which is easily accomplished
thru the wizard but I'm not certain if it's necessary for anything to be
done in the detailed mode regarding economizer or is the wizard sufficient?
We're not going with economizer for proposed building. What kind of
economizer should be used for baseline then? So far I figured drybulb
temperature with a high-limit shut off of 75 deg for Zone 5b. Is this

Thanks again,

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