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I am creating shells for a building in EQUEST, and i am creating materials
of construction layer by layer which i insert thermal properties of each
layers ( thickness, conductivity density specific heat r thermal resistance
About the specific heat, can i insert a range of heat or latent heat value
furthermore sensible heat because i will make a specific materiel (parrafin
wax which it store energy when it solidify (high temperature) and restitue
heat when it melts (low temperature).

I am waiting for your repply as soon as possible
Thank you

Marwa Othmen
PhD student

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Hi Marwa,
I don?t know what the specific area of your research is, but if you want to accurately model the behavior of phase chase materials, you would need to do that in another simulation tool. In DOE-2/eQUEST:

- Material properties are constants. You can only enter one value for specific heat per material.

- Latent heat transfer through envelope materials is not simulated (except due to infiltration).
I am not aware of any good workarounds in eQUEST if the paraffin wax is an important consideration relative to total building performance.
Jeremiah Crossett asked about this topic back in 2012 per the attached email.

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