ASHRAE: Building Energy Modeling Professional Certification

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Does anyone have opinions on the ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling
Professional Certification? I am looking into applying and was
wondering if anyone has any advice/tips or if they can compare it to the
LEED NC examination.



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I can't speak to the LEED NC exam, but I can say that anyone who takes and passes the ASHRAE BEM Certificate really has to know something about building energy modeling, and probably much more. The ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling (BEM) exam was developed by ASHRAE in cooperation with IBPSA USA. IBPSA USA and ASHRAE have also developed a BEM workshop to assist in reviewing for the BEM exam, which I'd highly recommend as well. Dates for these workshops can be found on the ASHRAE web page, as well as the IBPSA USA web page, and other places.

As someone who has taken and passed the exam, I can say that it was one of the hardest exams I've taken in a long time. It really tested my knowledge of building energy simulation and, with so many questions, and so short a time, it really tested my ability to sit through such an rigorous ordeal, and answer questions one after another, in rapid fire. I was humbled by the experience, and I've taught simulation since the early 1980s.

Finally, it is my biased opinion that the building energy performance industry will soon begin to see the value in having "ASHRAE BEM Certified" simulators. Hence, I would strongly recommend giving this some serious consideration as a career enhancing opportunity.

Jeff S. Haberl, Ph.D.,P.E., FASHRAE

PS: I'd also consider taking the ASHRAE BEM workshop...a good warm up for the exam.

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