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Hello eQUEST community,

The demand for individuals with eQUEST experience is just absolutely
incredible right now. Each month we reach out to everyone to let them know
about our featured position. This month, one of our clients is hiring for a
Sr. Level Energy Modeler to remain hands on and provide leadership,
mentoring, as well as technical advice for junior level personnel. They are
one of the premier consultancies involved in energy efficiency and analysis,
and are considered experts in the industry to the point that other
consulting firms hire them when they lack the experience and knowledge to
tackle the most complex problems. The position is out of the NYC office,
and the description is as follows:

The Energy Modeler provides energy simulations in eQUEST, and potentially
other programs that comply with the rigor required for the various LEED
rating systems, assists the senior engineering staff in the supervision of
the technical activities required on assigned projects and understands the
discipline technical policies and procedures; participates in the
development of technical studies and investigations on assigned projects;
assists the project team in the scoping, budgeting and staffing of projects
and in the production of projects on time, within budget and of the highest
technical quality.

The Energy Modeler will take responsible charge for and perform
responsibilities on assigned projects which shall include but not be limited

1. Provide energy simulations in eQUEST, and potentially other programs
that comply with the rigor required for the various LEED rating systems
2. Read and understand project documentation of energy-related systems found
in architectural,
mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings and specifications
3. Provide written and oral comments and reports to design teams, owners, or
4. Perform ASHRAE Level I and Level II energy audits
5. Occasional building assessments for Energy Star ratings and other energy
performance aspects
6. Conducts project job site visits during construction to monitor progress
and ensure conformance to design specifications, owner expectations,
building codes
7. Assists senior technical staff in the development of technical
documentation, proposals, and presentations to clients
8. Assists project manager in establishing budgets, cost estimates, and
project schedules
9. Assists management in the execution of technical training for less
experienced staff members
10. Utilizes and assists less experienced staff in understanding company
technical policies and procedures during the execution of projects for
11. Assists senior technical staff in the evaluation of less experienced
staff members
12. Acts and performs activities inside and outside the office in a manner
consistent with ethical engineering standards in the company handbook
13. As needed, assists team leader with project assignments, scheduling, and
team manpower planning


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