Ambient cooling with EUH

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Hello All,

I have a project with a mechanical space this is to be cooled to within
10 degrees of ambient temperature with a wall prop fan in the summer and
heated to a temperature of 60 deg F in the winter with an electric unit
heater. The schedule is set to 24/7. My first assumption was to model
the system as a unit ventilator (no heat/cooling) with baseboard heat. I
set my temperature set points to 100 deg F cooling and 60 deg F heating.
The outcome was zero hours outside of the throttling rage but the
ventilation fans ran all 8760 hours. I know this is probably a very
simple system to model but I am just not getting the solution today. How
can I get my ventilation fans to shut off at say - 85 deg. F? Any help
would be appreciated.


Seth Spangler, LEED(r) AP

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