air to water HP in Std 90.1

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Does Ashrae Std 90.1-2007 impose any minimum performance criteria for
air-to-water heat pumps working as central hot water generators for
heating purposes?
In tables 6.8.1 I can only find minimum performance requirements for
air-to-air, water source, groundwater source and ground source heat
pumps, but nothing about air-to-water.

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There is a "Heat Pump Pool Heater" reference (in chapter 7 of 90.1-2004 at
least) which I assume is an air-water configuration. You'd have to check
the test procedure to be certain (ASHRAE 146) though. Other than that, I
don't think ASHRAE has addressed this equipment (or water-water HP's for
that matter) yet, gggrrrrrr.

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