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Hi folks,

Could I ask how to set the "Air Flows: Minimum Design Flow" on the "HVAC
Zones: Temperatures and Air Flows" panel? Does ASHARE have this standard?

The Default Minimum Design Flow Value is 0.5 cfm/ft2. Maybe the value is
too high for some instances.

If I set the minimum design flow value is 0.05 cfm/ft2. The output Design
flow maybe 0.33cfm/ft2. Then, if I keep on decreasing the value from 0.05
cfm/ft2 to lower values, the output won't change.

So, how can we set Minimum Design Flow value?

Thank you very much.

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For baseline, 0.4 cfm/ft2 per G3.1.3.13 or min. ventilation rate,
whichever is larger.

Arpan Bakshi / YRG

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